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Collaboratory: Survey 1 the EDGE District

Photo: Kerry Hayes

Collaboratory, a different kind of creative platform, has announced plans to conduct their first survey where you can interact and inspect public art designs from 8 artists in the Edge District on September 25 at 6 pm – 9 pm at the Marshall Arts Gallery.

Artists include Kristi Duckworth, Lester Merriweather, Cedar Lorca Nordbye, Marco Pavé, Cat Peña, Robin Salant, Kiersten Williams, and Anthony Lee who will be working to research and respond to the Edge District. These artists who make up Collabortory want to make artists more integrated in Memphis and they aim to show how artists can and do develop, reanimate, and build up Memphis and cities across the country.

Find out more about the artists here.

Supported by the Downtown Memphis Commission, Collaboratory will conduct creative research surveys in neighborhoods, sites, and ideas. For their first survey, the Edge District will serve as a catalyst of creative energy. For a full year, artists will conduct research and then create area specific, vibrant artwork to draw more people to the district. Phase 1, will be the observation portion of Collabortory’s Survey, while Phase 2 will concentrate on active experimentation.

In early October, artists will present their concepts to a committee of the Downtown Memphis Commission for funding consideration.  Any pieces selected for funding by the committee will be installed throughout The Edge in the months ahead.

“Artists perceive and interpret environment in a completely different way than most people do.  Blending artistic creativity with neighborhood enhancement initiatives is a unique approach and one that we’re very excited about,” says Leslie Gower, VP of Marketing at Downtown Memphis Commission.  “We are expecting to receive ideas that our team couldn’t imagine and inspired projects that will help activate and bring new interest points to The Edge.”

You can join their Facebook event for the Marshall exhibit here.

You can also keep up with Collaboratory on their Facebook page here.

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