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The CLTV Presents Fiber: A Tribute to Black Femininity

Photo by Clifton O'Quinn of a previous exhibit at Orange Mound Gallery.

Photo by Clifton O’Quinn of a previous exhibit at Orange Mound Gallery.

Fiber at OMGFiber: A Tribute to Black Femininity will open at Orange Mound Gallery with a special reception on Thursday, March 16th from 6-9pm.

The exhibition is a project by The Collective (The CLTV), an organization dedicated to honoring and propelling African American culture in Memphis by supporting black artists and providing a platform to showcase their work.

Fiber features artwork by Brittney Bullock, Siphne A. Sylve, Felicia Wheeler, and Catherine Patton in a collection curated by Grace Stewart and the executive director of The Collective, Victoria Jones.

Victoria talked to us about the idea for the show:

We (The CLTV) came up with the concept almost a year ago. We held on to it for a while, however, because the location we chose to display the work felt equally as important as the work itself. The idea that we could display works from 4 talented, brilliant, beautiful, strong (the list of adjectives goes on) BLACK women felt incomplete without a true and genuine connection to the community.

Enter Orange Mound Gallery. We found a direct connection to our people at OMG, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Coming off the loss of my first child, Fiber has become medicinal. Meeting with Brittney, Siphne, Catherine, Felicia, Grace, and Linda [Steele] has surrounded me in the healing power of black women, and that has become the goal of this exhibition. Fiber is meant to heal, encourage, inspire, and strengthen.

Fiber | A Tribute to Black Femininity will be on display at Orange Mound Gallery through April 16th.

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