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City Tasting Tours For Memphis Foodies

Photo: Amanda Hill

City Tasting Tours wants to take you on an in-depth look into the thriving food culture in Downtown Memphis with guided tours throughout the spring and summer months.

Cristina McCarter, the co-founder and owner of City Tasting Tours of Memphis was born and raised in Memphis, TN and now resides in the rejuvenated Overton Square with her husband and son. She fell in love with Memphis as a kid cheering the Memphis Tigers to victory at the Pyramid and started a food blog called Loving My Memphis. Her love for food and the city blossomed from there.

The local love here is amazing and really flourishing into something I wanted to stay connected to. I love showing off my city, I love meeting new people in my city and I definitely love to eat! Luckily I live in a city where that’s first nature.

Central BBQ

Photo: Amanda Hill

Whether you are a local who wants to learn more about Downtown or if you’re visiting Memphis and want to get an authentic experience in the city, you can enjoy City Tasting Tours. The tour includes more than just delicious food. You also get to hear stories about the incredible people and places that make Memphis an amazing place to live. Between samples of locally made dishes, you will walk through a historic Memphis neighborhood filled with unexpected landmarks that locals might not know about.

Tours cost $55 and tickets must be purchased in advance. You will find out where to meet when you buy your ticket. You must be 21 years of age or older to join the tour.

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