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Choro Das 3 Returns to Memphis

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In celebration of 15 years of musical partnership, their 7th released album and 3 Grammy nominations, Choro Das 3 will be performing two concerts in Memphis. On November 16 and 17, you will get to hear Choro Das 3 play Brazilian choro live from the Beethoven Club.

  • When: November 16-17 @ 7 PM
  • Where: Beethoven Club, 263 S. McLean Blvd.
  • Cost: $20 in advance, $25 at the door

Brazilian choro music is the “roots music” of Brazil, and the mother of the samba and bossa nova we love. Choro has inspired artists of all backgrounds, from Heitor Villa-Lobos to Darius Milhaud to Stan Getz to Walt Disney. It has been well-described as “classical music played with bare feet and callused hands.”

About the group
A Brazilian instrumental group of three sisters and their father, Choro das 3 began to play as a band in 2002. Master flutist Corina doubles on piccolo, and trades melodic and counterpoint roles with multi-instrumentalist Elisa on bandolim (Brazilian mandolin), banjo, and clarinet; Elisa also writes and performs at the piano. Lia anchors the harmony and provides the bass lines so essential to choro with the violão de sete cordas (7-string guitar). Their father, Eduardo, supplies the band’s rhythmic heartbeat with the pandeiro (Brazilian frame drum). In Brazil, the sisters are a sensation, with regular appearances on national television and radio, major festival dates, and command performances before government officials. While still in their twenties, they display a level of skill and maturity in their live and recorded work that is truly hard to believe.

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