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Choose901 Top 5: Craig Brewer Casting Call, Foodie News + More

1. Coming Soon: Rec Room Bar/Arcade on Broad Avenue
Rec room memphis barcade

So far details are still at a minimum, but we know this much. The Rec Room has a Facebook page, plans to be open as a “popup” bar/arcade starting on April 1st. We also know where on Broad it’ll be, see what it looks like right now. It’s not the only new addition soon to open on Broad, either.

2. Shirts are on sale now!


You can buy our brand new, spring inspired community shirts now! We have just a FEW leftover but will release 5 new neighborhoods each day at noon. Check our Facebook page to see the password to get into the store. Want a sneak peek? See how Eso reacted when he saw the new shirts.

3. $1 Million Dollar Check written to Memphis Symphony Orchestra

It’s good news for the organization making cuts and trying to make ends meet. The best part: the donation will go toward community outreach and education projects.

4. Your favorite Memphis spots just started delivery… and other foodie news

Wingstop Memphis


A new food delivery service will make sure those wings you’ve just gotta have, but don’t deliver, can now come to your front porch. Check out our best recommendations and few words from the entrepreneurs who started the service. If you’re more the sit down with a cup of coffee type… a couple of new breakfast spots are opening in east Memphis: one specializes in eggs, the other pancakes.

5. Archimania Earns National recognition with new downtown offices

source: High Ground News

source: High Ground News

The new offices of the architects at Archimania are being named for their net zero energy building. It’ll be the first in Tennessee and among the first in the country. They say it just made sense for them.

Honorable Mentions:

Long read of the Week: Why the riverfront downtown is thriving from Smart City. 

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