Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Choose901 Interns: Ursula Santos

I’m a bit on the short side with a massive love for animals, gossip magazines and YouTube. 

I grew up in Chattanooga, TN and I somehow made my way to Memphis. The UofM was the reason for this 340-mile road trip. I am a senior majoring in journalism with a concentration in creative mass media and a minor in photography. Sounds like a rad major, huh. Fingers crossed I have a job once I graduate. 

I chose Memphis due to the fact that it was larger than Chattanooga as well as it being a city with a rich history and a strong stereotype. Yes, I was told to be careful in Memphis multiple times because it is a “crime city”, but so far everything has been great.  

Writing has given me the opportunity to express my thoughts without being vocal. Reading one’s thoughts can be impactful even without knowing the author. I hope to gain a better understanding of Memphis’s culture and share its positive spirit with Choose901’s readers.

No one asked but I’m going to share some facts about myself: 

  • I fell in love with writing when I was in middle school. I remember giving my older brother five dollars once a month to buy the latest issue of Tiger Beat. I was obsessed with finding out if I was Nick Jonas’s perfect date or what was Justin Bieber’s worst fear. 
  • When I’m not catching up on celebrity scandals, I am either taking my sweet boy, Lamont, on a walk or binge-watching YouTube videos. 
  • Lamont came into my life two years ago. He was estimated to be five months and weighed 15 pounds. Now weighs about 50 pounds so that is a bit of a weight increase. He has brought anxiety and happiness into my life. Shoutout to the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County for giving me my best friend. 
  • I also can’t leave out my big boy, Boomer, the domestic short-haired tabby. He doesn’t do much or show too much affection but I know he loves me. 
  • I have a short attention span so I rarely ever finish TV shows so I stick to YouTube videos. I highly recommend watching Shane Dawson’s docuseries if you want some to shed some tears or Jenna Marbles’s entire channel because she delivers the unexpected.

Thanks for making it this far. My goal for my time at Choose901 is to learn more about the 901 community and what this city represents as well as discover new hangout spots.

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