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Photo: Memphis Grizzlies

We Hear Ya, & We See Ya, #12

Since the 2019 NBA Draft, the name Ja Morant has moved into the spotlight.

And similar to his actions at the end of the first half of the Grizzlies most recent game against the Spurs—the one where he dropped a record 52 points—his name alley oops off of newspaper pages, and sends social media mentions soaring.

It’s clear that his capabilities on the court amass the most attention when the cameras are rolling and the crowd is roaring.

Some of the headlines have read:

Photo: Greg Nelson/Sports Illustrated

“Few saw the Grizzlies star rising to an MVP level so fast because he didn’t want anyone to know: He worked in the dark so he could shine like never before.” – Writtten by Michael Pina

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Photo: Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

“The Memphis Grizzlies point guard has all the speed that made him a star in the last N.C.A.A. tournament. It works on the court, and helps him keep things moving as he adjusts to the N.B.A. grind.” – Written by

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“From turning little-known Murray State into a tourney contender to turning the Grizzlies into a potential playoff team as a rookie, Morant’s impact is instantaneous—and goes way beyond the court.”

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Photo: Justin Ford/Getty Images

“Ja Morant’s fearless, astonishing play has made the surging Memphis Grizzlies must-see TV.”

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We’ve witnessed he and his fellow fighters wage wars against the top teams in the nation. We’ve watched basketball bigwigs like Shaq and Lebron James jump on the J-train. We’ve read all the articles and reshared every clip that captures his flair when he flies like a hero headed towards the hoop.

But even ESPN, with all of its announcers, analysts, and camera crews—plus the greater majority of Grizzlies fans—haven’t observed every outstanding moment Morant has manifested throughout his career. 

‘How is that possible,’ you ask?

Because he moves like a ninja in the night, swiftly tending to his talents in secret.


From a surface level, the sentiment is nothing more than a message, equal parts cryptic and cool. But between the lines, lies the definition of diligence and immeasurable mastery. 

Inspired by an excerpt from Win in the Dark by Joshua Medcalf and Lucas Jadin, a gift given to him by Grizzlies Assistant Coach Blake Ahearn—the mindset to mysteriously maneuver ammunitions was not only adapted by Morant, but adopted by the whole team. 

A picture of #12 basketball player in a gym.

For every sensational slam dunk, there's a repetitive drill that remains unrecognized.

For every feat that sends fans into a frenzy, there are countless hours of painstaking preparation. And while we can’t behold the triumphs that take place behind the scenes, we will continue to whoop and holler for our boys who’ve already annihilated the game before the buzzer blasts. 

Join us if you hear ja!

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"We quietly and relentlessly train in the dark with complete trust that our moment under the bright lights will come."
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