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Chef Eli of Dos Hermanos Kitchen: Memphian on the Move at the Cossitt Library

From Lamb Tacos to Library Triumph

A person in a yellow shirt and blue gloves prepares food on a counter with various ingredients and kitchen equipment around, embodying the precision of Dos Hermanos Kitchen.
Photo Credit: The Commercial Appeal

Meet Chef Eli, the culinary genius behind Dos Hermanos Kitchen. The idea of a taco truck named Dos Hermanos sparked a journey that would eventually lead Chef Eli to the historic Cossitt Library in downtown Memphis. Dos Hermanos is Chef Eli’s culinary dream come to life. For the city of Memphis, Chef Eli envisions Dos Hermanos as a multi-dimensional culinary hub that reflects the city’s diverse culture and rich soul, bringing together people from all walks of life to enjoy unique and delicious meals.

Embracing Downtown Memphis

A self-proclaimed “downtown snob” (haha), Chef Eli loves the vibrant energy of Main Street. He describes Memphis as a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, with a rich blend of ethnic flavors infused with the city’s soulful essence. For Chef Eli, Friday nights mean exploring downtown Memphis and enjoying its beautiful culinary scene.

A Full-Circle Moment

The Cossitt Library holds a special place in Memphis history as the city’s first integrated library. It also has personal significance for Chef Eli, whose culinary journey began with a Memphis Public Library Bookmobile contest over 35 years ago. Winning that contest ignited his passion for cooking. Now, having a restaurant inside the same Memphis Public Library is a full-circle moment for him.

Visit Dos Hermanos Kitchen

For food that inspires, head to Dos Hermanos Kitchen at the historic Cossitt Library. Chef Eli’s story is a testament to the power of passion, chance encounters, and the vibrant community spirit of Memphis. So, bring your taste buds to downtown Memphis and experience the magic of Dos Hermanos Kitchen.

Now is the time, and Memphis is the place to celebrate and savor the flavors that make our city one of a kind. 

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