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Cheap Eats in Memphis

Photo: Amanda Hill

Photo: Amanda Hill

Memphis is a city known for its love of food, especially from its local restaurants. However, eating out regularly can easily become an expensive habit. To combat costliness, check out these affordable spots around town.

Aldos Pizza

Aldo’s Pizza, Photo: Amanda Hill

Memphis Pizza Cafe

Voted best pizza in Memphis, MPC combines affordable prices with delicious food. Much like Little Italy, MPC offers a variety of pies, but also offers pizza by the slice. Each slice runs around $3, and there enough pizzas on the menu for you to try something different each time.

Barksdale Restaurant

Bob’s Barksdale is an American-style restaurant that offers a diverse, affordable breakfast menu. The best part about their menu? Everything stays under $10. Their traditional breakfast menu will remedy all of your cravings, and you’ll be going back for more.

Pho Binh

This Vietnamese eatery has tofu worth dying for. Specifically, their lemongrass tofu leaves Memphians everywhere wanting more. However, if tofu is not your things, Pho Binh has the perfect options for you: a lunch buffet. For only $7.99 (before tax), you can enjoy a plethora of food options – ranging from various tofus to fried chicken. If you haven’t tried this restaurant yet, do so soon because their summer hiatus starts May 19, 2018 and runs through June 25, 2018.

Otherlands Coffee Bar, Restaurant and Exotic Gift Shop

Get your coffee and food fix all in one trip at this unique Midtown attraction. Their menu has a large variety of both breakfast and lunch options. Excitingly, all of their food times remain under $7. Additionally, their coffee and “other drinks” menus have every beverage you could imagine – whether you’re looking for something caffeinated or not. Once you’re done enjoying their delicious food and beverage options, stop into their gift shop to see their knickknacks.

Photo: Little Italy Facebook

Little Italy

Pizza is a cheap eats staple; however, Little Italy makes it extra delicious. While full-sized pizzas are available, pizzas by the slice are the affordable way to go. Slices range from just $2.49 to $4.39, depending on the pie. Pizza by the slice not only allows you to eat cheap, but also gives you the freedom to experiment and try new pies each time you dine at Little Italy.



Phuong Long

Phuong Long is another Memphis, Vietnamese staple that has variety and affordability on its side. Almost everything on its menu stays under $10, and you’ll always leave full. If it is your first time, be sure to try their lemongrass tofu and fresh spring rolls.

Top’s Bar-B-Q

Top’s Bar-B-Q is a renowned Memphis establishment that offers what the city is known for: barbecue. Their menu contains a variety of sandwiches, all for under $10. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional bar-b-q sandwich, or a regular burger, Top’s has you covered.

La Guadalupana

Photo: La Guadalupana

La Guadalupana’s menu boasts “real” Mexican food and features an array of lunch options and combos – all of which are under $10. Similarly, their regular menu stays on the affordable sides, but offers rice, beans, corn tortillas and a salad. If you’re looking for a lunch and dinner spots, Guadalupana is a go-to.

Vanelli’s Deli

Vanelli’s Deli is known for its speciality and DIY sandwiches, all of which are priced under $10. The deli’s sandwich have enough variety for you to try something new during each visit. Additionally, the restaurant offers a number of side items that won’t break the bank.



Photo: Amanda Hill

Bryant’s is another Memphis landmark that is known not just for its delicious food, but its affordability. If you’re going to try this breakfast staple, we recommend either their homemade biscuits, country ham, omelets, Gravy or Grits. No matter what you pick, you’ll leave full and happy with your affordable food purchase.

Belmont Grill

This casual, American-style eatery is remembered for its steak sandwiches, burgers and dimly-lit atmosphere. If you’re in the mood for any of the aforementioned, you can find it at Belmont for under $20. This restaurant is the perfect dinner location.

Las Delicias

With so many locations, it is hard to sleep on Las Delicias. This restaurant consistently serves authentic, delicious food that will leave you coming back for more. Not to mention, their entire menu stays on the affordable side. Whether you go for lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong.

Photo: Dino’s Grill Facebook

Dino’s Grill

For over forty years, Dino’s has served Midtown with authentic Italian cuisine. Their entire menu stays around $10; however, the ultimate attraction is their all-you-can eat spaghetti night. That’s right. For just $8 (plus tax), you can enjoy boatloads spaghetti from 5pm to close on Thursday’s. Not to mention, there is no corkage fee.

Kwik Chek

Kwik Chek is a midtown hotspot that serves an abundance of different foods. Whether you’re in the mood for a hoagie or their authentic Bi Bim Bop, Kwik Chek has your covered. Additionally, their entire menu stays around $10. Plus, you’ll love their unique location that has a casual, grab-n-go feel.

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