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Charlie Crenshaw IV and “The Creatives” Are Telling A Story of A Better Memphis

He’s published a children’s book, owned his own graphic design company, held his own in the music industry, and recently completed a short film project that will debut on November 7th. Charlie Crenshaw IV is no stranger to letting his creative energy flourish and take him for a ride, and he hopes his short film “The Creatives: Memphis” will inspire others to do the same.

Born and raised in Orange Mound, Charlie is a Memphis native who is well aware of the negative stereotypes that loom over Memphis, but he did not allow that to stop him from helping to create and promote a better Memphis.

The Creatives: Memphis Flyer

Photo Courtesy of Charlie Crenshaw IV.

Charlie’s short film “The Creatives” features Memphians who are using their creativity to “shine through the darkness in Memphis.”  He says it’s about people who “think outside of the box to create something,” such as a barber who was once serving time in prison but used his gifts to create a local business that is now in a popular mall. Charlie is hoping to “unlock something creative in the people that see the film so that they can use that creativity to add value to the city and the world.” 

Though this is his first film, Charlie is no stranger to creative ventures. In fact, he’s been in many fields, and has owned his company, Crenterprise, which is growing to be an umbrella that covers and creates logos and other graphic designs. Before that, Charlie was in the music industry with his own studio, and has been a featured performer on BET’s “106 & Park.” He also served in the army for nine years; prior to that he graduated as valedictorian from Melrose High School and graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Communications.

Photo Courtesy of Charlie Crenshaw IV

Earlier this year, he released a children’s book “Charlie The Time Traveler: A Future Memphis.” The book is about a boy who only sees the negativity in Memphis and encounters a man named Charlie who shows him what Memphis could be by visiting the past, present, and future. Charlie says he wrote the book to inspire Memphis children and show them that there are still good things that can come out of Memphis despite what the media might show. He was also inspired by his daughter, who he says “pushes him to see the future.”

Charlie remembers that after publishing his children’s book, many people were trying to figure out how he did it, and it led him to believe that “sometimes people have to see somebody else do it first to be inspired and motivated to do it next,” so it is only logical that he follows up with his short film. 

Charlie says he has felt a spiritual calling to create and is using that charge to showcase a better Memphis, and hopes that his vision of a greater and more creative Memphis comes across in his film. 

“The Creatives: Memphis” will screen  on Wednesday, November 7th, at Malco on the Square. Tickets are available here. Learn more about the film at the website. If you cannot make the premiere, you can purchase it in digital format here.

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