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Chalk Fest at the Brooks Museum of Art

One of my goals for this year is to find more events and venues that are genuinely family and children friendly. I struck luck with the Chalk Fest at the Brooks Museum in Midtown. The event included free admission to the museum and various exhibit tours, a craft making activity, and of course the chalk walk.

The chalk walk allowed guests to use chalk to write, draw, and color on the sidewalks in front and around the museum. We could pay between $2-$3 to purchase chalk from the event organizers or we could bring our own chalk. People of all ages came out to participate. There was a DJ playing music and there were also food trucks parked directly in front of the main entrance. I bought ice pops from Dipsticle Artisan Gelato Café. Dipsticle offered gelato ice pops that can be eaten plain or dipped into a topping such as milk chocolate, caramel, graham cracker crust, or nuts.

My daughter and I spent time outside working on our side walk canvas. She scribbled lines with any brightly colored chalk that she could get her hands on. Meanwhile, I wrote our names on the ground near the DJ booth. She also danced her feet off and in the process of having fun being a kid with chalk stained hands and clothes, she made a few friends.

When it was time to go inside of the museum, we went through the various exhibits. Our favorite exhibit was the one dedicated to African Fashions. The African-Print Fashion Now! exhibit was interesting because it offered visitors an interactive experience that consisted of coloring activities, literacy expansion, and an opportunity to create one’s own fashion design. From what I observed, the other guests who visited the exhibit at the same time all seemed to enjoy dressing up in traditional African prints and modeling around in their newly designed attire.

Upon leaving the event, my daughter said, “Mom this is the best day ever!” I was happy that she had such a great time. And did I mention that we got to have all of that fun for free? Who could beat a day filled with fun events for the price of $0.00?

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