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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on Beale Street

There’s something about green beer. It’s unnaturally delicious. The beer tastes the same, but the greenness somehow adds a lot to it. This is the drink of choice come every March 17th. Normally, I try and do something festive, i.e. drink green beer, somewhere, so once I heard that Beale Street was having a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, I knew I had to go check it out!


The parade started promptly at 3 and I had never seen Beale Street so packed! The road was closed off and the sidewalks were jam packed. We started at the front near Hard Rock Cafe and took it all in. It almost felt like a mini Mardi Gras parade with people having their arms outstretched in hopes of catching a necklace of green beads or a head of cabbage. Yes, a head of cabbage. I’m not sure of the significance but the fact that it was green was good enough for me. The parade floats consisted of all kinds of people ranging in age and organization. The majority were content waving to the masses and throwing beads and others were playing music or just hyping up the crowd.

The sea of green down Beale was something else. It was literally impossible to find our way down so we decided to take a detour around the backside to get to where we were going. We started at Tin Roof to hang out for a bit to kill some time before Tennessee played in the NCAA tournament. We actually ran down to The Vault off of South Main Street only to watch Tennessee lose off of a last second buzzer beater and ruin my bracket, but we ended up going back towards Beale to drown our sorrows. The crowd was people left over from the festivities earlier in the day, but we still had plenty of room to dance to the band there!

Overall I’d say it was a successful St. Patrick’s Day! We got our Irish on and were able to celebrate with thousands of other people on Beale. I’m just glad that we were able to find some kind of event to help celebrate the occasion. If this sounds like your kind of thing, definitely mark it in your calendar to go next year and catch yourself a head of cabbage.

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