Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Celebrating Our Birthdays

One of my favorite things about being married is sharing a birthday week with my husband.

It can get a tad expensive when we have two birthdays in one week, but totally worth it because we always have a lot of fun. We love to travel and we typically go on a trip for our birthdays (and any other excuse we have). This year, we decided to have a little “staycation” and explore our city that we love so much.



We decided to make one of Memphis’ most popular tourist attractions, the Pyramid, our final destination. I would argue that it is Memphis’ best view of the city and the Mississippi river. Visiting during sundown, it’s absolutely stunning. 



We decided to try dinner at the restaurant located at the top, The Lookout . There was live music and the scenery, of course, is gorgeous. The Bass Pro Shop, also located in the Pyramid is also a lot of fun to stroll around and check out the fish, animals, and boats. 

I love that Memphis is a place that I want to stay and play. I have a feeling that now that school has started back, we’ll be looking for more ways to have fun in town instead of on the road. 

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