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Celebrate the Season of Giving with the MAM Christmas Store

MAM Christmas Store 2017

It’s that time of year again, and Memphis Athletic Ministries is working tirelessly to ensure their kids have a great Christmas this year. That’s why they’re getting ready to put on their annual Christmas Store, and we’re inviting you to do your part, too! Because, come on, what’s better than helping kids during the holidays?

Founded in 1998, Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) exists to coach, grow, and lead the youth of Memphis. MAM’s vision is to see identity found, hope restored, and lives changed. In keeping with their mission, the annual MAM Christmas Store serves to help families in the community prepare for their Christmas celebrations in a fun and exciting way. Selected parents and guardians receive gift cards to shop at Target – alongside MAM staff – to provide the kids with a wonderful, fun, and very memorable Christmas.

Each year MAM chooses 20+ families from eight of their gyms to participate in this Christmas Store. These families go shopping at Target for their children’s Christmas gifts, which are then wrapped beautifully in Christmas paper by MAM’s amazing volunteers. By providing gift cards and a MAM staff accompaniment, these parents and guardians enjoy the excitement of choosing gifts for their children without having to incur the financial burden the holidays can sometimes impose. But it’s not just about toys, it’s actually about something much deeper. Star Eason, a participating MAM mom, had this to say:

“I had a great time shopping! Coach Sarah helped me shop, and we enjoyed each other’s company. The whole experience was wonderful – it was more than just shopping for Christmas, it was fellowship and laughter and fun!”

Not only did the MAM Christmas Store help Eason prepare for the holidays, but she also found a brand new friend in Coach Sarah. Now, when Eason comes up to MAM Leawood to pick up her kids at night, she feels like MAM is a safe place for her as well. Star finds a sense of emotional stability, hope, and community when she talks with Coach Sarah.

Isn’t that was Christmas is all about – finding hope?

Friends, we ask that you consider donating to the MAM Christmas Store this year– not only does it help to provide kids with great Christmas presents, but it also brings the community together in enduring, meaningful ways.

The event will be held on December 11, 2018. Click here to learn how to donate. 


Memphis Athletic Ministries Christmas Store
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