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Celebrate Memphis: South Forum Festival 7/2

Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

On July 2, the Foundry will be hosting the South Forum Festival. The Foundry is part of the South Forum Redevelopment District of Memphis, which sits near Beale Street and the South Main Arts District. As areas like the Pinch District and Uptown gain momentum, so too does this area of Memphis.

The event is hosted by Ashby Taylor, Mitchel Taylor, and Anton Mack, all of which are deeply invested in the revitalization and civic awareness of citizens in the area. Originally scheduled as a block party, the gathering has gained the attention of many and has grown into what will now be a festival. Organizations like Service Master, FedEx, and the Grizzlies will have company representatives in attendance.

It’s a multicultural and multi-generational community gathering. The goal is to just come and have fun – Anton Mack, Owner and Founder of the Festival

The event will host cornhole games, food and retail vendors, a concert stage, and an outdoor movie theatre. Performances from the Grizzline and the Grizz Girls will keep the spirit of Memphis athletics alive, while local cuisine and craft beers are celebrated. Proceeds from the event will be reinvested in the local community through a charitable contribution, future activities and capital improvements.

  • When: July 2nd, 11am-7pm
  • Where: The Foundry, a new outdoor venue at 161 Vance Avenue
  • Why: An initiative to spread community awareness and engagement, while also providing those in attendance the opportunity to meet people of all ages and professional backgrounds
  • Cost: The event will cost $5/person, Children 7 and under admitted free
  • VIP experiences will cost $50-$70 and will provide customers with food, an open bar, movies, and air conditioning in the building immediately next door.

Join the event page here for updates.

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