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Carpenter Art Garden Expands to Add Job Skills

For three years, the Carpenter Art Garden has enabled Memphis children to express their creative side through art projects in Binghampton. The garden has continued to expand, adding two gardens, the “Purple House,” and the latest addition named the “Job Hub.”

The Job Hub will become a place for children to learn different job skills such as bike repair, landscaping, and sewing. Now, not only will the garden provide creative space for children to work on art projects and gardening, it will also help kids become skilled workers. The classes can lead children to apprenticeships at local business!

In order to handle the garden’s latest growth, a new board will be put in place to sustain and build upon the development of the whole project.

The board members for the Carpenter Art Garden are:

  • Lauren Squires of Action 5 News
  • Marlon Brown of SOS Builds, Youth Ministry
  • J.R. Futtrell of Young Man University, Youth Ministry
  • Danny Valle of Hnedak Bobo Group
  • Anna Vescovo an Attorney
  • Clark Butcher, the Victory Bicycle Studio Owner
  • Rush Waller of LeBonheur Children’s Hospital
  • Peggy Seesel, a Community volunteer, retired Director of Arts Education at Arts Memphis
  • Miki Skeen, an Educator and community volunteer

The Carpenter Art Garden is one of many ways the Binghampton community is flourishing. You can go here to check out the Binghampton Development Corporation and get involved with improving the Binghampton community.

You can also get involved with SOS to help improve neighborhoods throughout the Memphis area, so that the Memphis community as a whole can become greater.

You can support the Carpenter Art Garden and all of its projects here.

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