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Call for Musicians: Crosstown Arts Presents A Change of Tone: In/Out of Sync

Crosstown Arts is looking for musicians to take part in a sonic experiment of sorts.

They’re hosting an exhibition of live music called A Change of Tone: In/Out of Sync that will switch up some things about the traditional live music experience.

Here’s how the whole thing will work:

This four-part, four-day event will feature a selection of four musical acts, one act per night, who will “exhibit” their music for a listening audience over loudspeakers in one venue as they simultaneously perform it in another, creating a non-traditional listening experience.

Musicians will perform on the stage of Crosstown Theater while the audience will be seated in The Green Room at Crosstown Arts listening to a live feed. The audience won’t see the musicians, but the musicians will get to see a live video feed of the audience reacting to their performance on a monitor placed inside the otherwise empty Crosstown Theater.

Kind of trippy, right? What will people do when there’s nothing to capture for Insta and you’re left to focus on the sound? How will listeners react knowing that they’re being watched? The hope is that it results in an immersive and heightened listening experience.

The exhibition won’t take place until April 2020 but Crosstown Arts is accepting submissions now for musicians who want to participate. Musicians are being asked to create new work specifically for the exhibition. 

Submission Process:


The theme of this music exhibition is “In/Out of Sync.” What does it mean to be “in or out of sync”–with something, with nothing, with anything…with everything? In what ways do you feel or observe things as being in or out of sync with one another, and what approach would you envision yourself taking, musically, to express these feelings and interpretations as they present themselves within your reality? The goal of A Change of Tone is to invite artists to sonically and musically explore the varied interrelations between technical musical themes and humanity: what we experience, observe, believe, and imagine within the realms of our intellectual capabilities.


Musicians who wish to apply to this musical showcase must submit an original proposal, of any length, that explains their vision for the new music they intend to create as it pertains to the “In/Out of Sync” theme. Artists may take any approach to this, from topics based in society and everyday life, to the larger natural world and universe, and may do so through both the lens of these guiding ideas or beyond them.

Submissions are due on Tuesday, September 10 at noon. Learn more about the project and apply at

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