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Bringing Out The Leaders: March 26

Bringing out the Leaders

Two University of Memphis graduates started STS Enterprise Corporation two years ago to reshape Memphis.

Now, the second annual “Bringing out the Leaders” event, hosted by STS Enterprise, to bring together students and city leaders to communicate with each other will be held at 6:30 pm on March 26th, at the University Center River Room on the UofM campus.

Many guests will attend the event including Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell. All students from the University of Memphis, Christian Brothers University, Rhodes College, Lemoyne- Owens, and Southwest Community college are invited to attend.

The not-for-profit organization, STS Enterprise, was founded by UofM students Jeremy Calhoun who graduated in 2013 and Alton Cryer who graduated in 2014. Their company intends to build up college students and young people in the Memphis area.

Calhoun and Cryer responded to several questions:

C901: Why did you start STS Enterprise Corporation?

STS Enterprise: God literally spoke STS into existence. We have dedicated STS to him and we just want to make sure that we are good stewards and are managing the organization the way God want’s us too. STS was created a little over two years ago with a goal of making a positive impact in the lives of the youth here in Memphis and by emulating the change we wanted to see in our youth. As young leaders it is important that we give our young people something and someone to model themselves after, even after the camera is off and after we have clocked out of the office, they see a group of young that is walking the walk and talking the talk and having fun, being cool in the process. We simply want to be the “Spark that ignites the future” here in Memphis. We want to be that group that youth people can identify with and can see Setting the Standard as a way of life and an option for success in Life. We constantly hear people, friends, and family talk about how bad Memphis is or bring up what Memphis isn’t doing correctly and most of the time no one is doing anything about it. We decided that we didn’t want to just talk about some of the challenges, but that we wanted create solutions.

C901: What is the purpose/point of Bringing out the Leaders event?

STS Enterprise: We understand that networking with professionals and being connected with individuals who are currently working in the field being pursued by college students makes a huge impact on our college students. While you’re in college you hear friends and family as they send you off to network but never tell you how to present the opportunity for you to learn. We saw a need for our college students to get connected and we are seeking to meet that need. Bringing out the Leader does exactly that. Bringing out the Leaders is an event created to break barriers and open dialogue between college students and some of the city’s most prominent leaders. This event will not only serve as an opportunity to network, but to build long-term relationships and meet potential mentors. This event will serve as a bridge that connects our college students to some of Memphis’s top professionals and leaders.

C901: What are you doing to help Memphis?

STS Enterprise: We have four pillars that allow us to impact youth & college students here in the Memphis community.

  • Mentoring Program
    We understand that we have an obligation to expose our young people to the experience that we have been blessed to gain. Information changes situations and with the information we have gained we make it our duty to pour into the upcoming generation to continue the movement. The STS Mentoring Programs are designed to empower and motivate African-American men and women ages 12-18 in the Memphis community. We want to provide opportunities for our youth and teach them to exceed expectations, defy stereotypes, and create a mindset that is tenacious. This is the ONLY program in STS that is geared toward a specific demographic.
  • Community Outreach
    Understanding that one must empower to be empowered we made it our mission to give more than we received by spearheading and participating in several local community outreach events throughout the year. These volunteering efforts enable STS to give back to the Memphis community in a multitude of ways, plus it allows our youth, college students and other volunteers an opportunity to earn community service hours.
  • Bridging the Gap
    “Bridging the Gap” is a monthly community outreach event that unites college and high school students, as well as other local volunteers with the elderly. STS Enterprise has partnered with Wesley Senior Ministries and their Highland Meadows senior community to create an event that brings two very different generations together for a time of laughter and joy. Students spend approximately 2 hours with the residents participating in activities such as: reading, playing games (Board games, Bingo, Wii Bowling), talking, etc.
    The purpose of this event is to bring excitement and youthfulness to the senior community, while leaving each resident with a smile, a sense of love, and a feeling of appreciation. The experience is simply amazing both for the senior and the host of volunteers and community service hours are rewarded to participants as well.
  • Public Speaking
    This pillar allows us to motivate and empower youth and college students all over. This platform was started to vocalize the impact that we are looking to make and create an experience that can’t be matched. Our speaking styles exudes energy, passion, reliability and is so impactful that it will leave the students shouting our organizations motto:”WeDoThis”
  • STS Elite
    This is our initiative that focuses on directly on college students. We recently kick started our first chapter on the University of Memphis campus. Our goal is to provide them with the skills, resources, and network to make marketable and competitive post-graduation. With our college students, we conduct personal and professional development sessions, have speakers come to share insight on their careers, internships opportunities, provide mentors, and many more. We also give them an opportunity to develop themselves as leaders through speaking engagements and community service projects.

C901: What is STS Enterprise’s favorite part about Memphis?

STS Enterprise: Memphis is a small, big city; the opportunity to get involved and get connected is very realistic. You can see/feel your impact here in Memphis. Memphis is a city with a lot of potential and we are thankful that we have the opportunity to be a part of the change that will spark the future.

C901: Favorite place to go?

STS Enterprise: Our favorite place to go after work is Flemings for their happy hour menu! We enjoy several other places around Memphis but Flemings is one of our favorites. Another place we enjoy to go is Juvenile intervention Faith Based Follow-up (J.I.F.F.) which is located downtown in the old YMCA building. We enjoy talking with the young men and giving them a few words of encouragement and sometimes play basketball.

C901: Favorite thing to do?

STS Enterprise: Motivate and talk to youth and College Students. It’s a priceless feeling having the ability to share experiences, failures, successes, and knowledge that enable someone to use those things as a tool to empower themselves and others around them. There is NOTHING like it.

You can register for the Bringing out the Leaders event here.

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