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Help Bring Art to Lamar Avenue

Lamar Ave Art by Kyle Taylor

Photo: Amanda Hill

Lamar Avenue begins at Second Street in Memphis and ends at Line Street in Charleston, South Carolina. Once a premiere transportation route in our city, Lamar was famous (at least in Memphis) for shopping and entertainment. There were grocery stores, shopping centers, theaters, beauty shops, and drug stores. But now as Memphians commute, go for a stroll, or maybe even avoid this street altogether, there is a reason to come together and assess the damage done to this once beloved street, a victim of the economy, deindustrialization, and neighborhood blight.

A visitor to Memphis could make note of the empty lots, pawn shops, check cashing stores, and run-down car dealerships and be completely unaware of what there is to offer. A street is made up of more than buildings just as a city is made up of more than statistics. The people who live in a neighborhood can and will make a difference if united by a greater cause.

The Pigeon Roost Development Corporation has created a campaign to Paint Lamar Ave in an effort to remove blight and replaces it with attractive urban art. Kyle Taylor, a local mural artist, is currently designing and installing murals along the walls of Lamar Ave. There will be eight murals in the area depicting the history of Pigeon Roost Road and the Rozelle Annesdale neighborhood.

Neighborhoods are about people, not just houses or streets. By connecting the residents and the places, we increase our ability to relate to one another and work together to solve our problems. It is just a better way to live – as neighbors.

The Paint Lamar Ave campaign needs $3,003 more to fund the project! Can’t give alot? Spare one coffee and give $5. Every dollar counts.

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