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Breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe

I love everything about breakfast and breakfast menu items.

I remember being a kid and becoming super excited whenever my mother would forgo our traditional dinner dishes in exchange for breakfast foods. My mom made and still does make the best pancakes with those crispy edges and she would follow up with thick and crispy bacon or juicy sausage. However, my all time favorite thing to eat for breakfast is waffles and deep fried chicken wings and thighs.

Since moving to the Bluff City, I’ve been on the hunt for the next best thing that compares to the Los Angeles, CA restaurant chain Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. I decided to try Another Broken Egg Cafe, a chain with two Memphis locations, one on Park Avenue and the other on South Highland Street in the Poplar Plaza. I went to the Park Ave. location. The vibe of the cafe is very chill and it appeared to draw out a diverse crowd. The staff, from the hostess to the waitress to the cooks, were friendly and helpful.

One of the popular and great things about ABEC is their brunch menu. When I think of a brunch, I immediately think of  bottomless mimosas. Well since I am with child, I can’t have a mimosa. So, with the assistance of my waitress, I was able to freestyle and create my own fauxmosa to compliment my meal. My fauxmosa mix included orange juice, pink lemonade and strawberries for garnish. I got the chicken and waffles because chicken and waffles are everything. The chicken was well seasoned and the honey chipotle dipping sauce was delicious. I give Another Broken Egg Cafe two thumbs up. I would like to come back in the near future to try one of their crowd favorite omelettes and french toast. 

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