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Black Restaurant Week Kickoff Event with New Memphis

I’ve been hearing about Memphis Black Restaurant Week since December and have been eagerly awaiting what sounded like a culinary dream since then. My roommate Kristina heard about New Memphis’ Black Restaurant Week Kickoff Event and we decided to make it out to our first New Memphis event.

I was treated to some of what the Black Restaurant Week restaurants have to offer. I had a delicious lamb and beef burger from G. Alston, banana bourbon pudding from Laura’s Kitchen, and peach cobbler nachos from Chef Tam’s Underground Café. Everything was so good and totally different from what I’ve been eating up during my time in Memphis. I got exposed to some new restaurants to hopefully check out during Black Restaurant Week and beyond.

Laura’s Kitchen served shrimp & grits and bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

Chef Tam served her famous peach cobbler nachos.

The Waffle Iron served salmon croquettes

I’ve been meaning to make it out to a New Memphis event and am glad I tagged along with Kristina. I made a new friend (shout out to Amanda from California!) and got a taste of restaurants that I hadn’t heard about or hadn’t dined at yet. I love that we have a week here dedicated to highlighting Black-owned restaurants on the come up. Bon appétit! (Or in Español, provecho!

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