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Black Lodge Video Expected To Reopen in Midtown with Movie Theater, Cafe

Photo: Cooper Young

For the past two decades Matthew Martin, founder of Black Lodge Video, has been collecting and archiving movies to his vast collection, which exceeds over 30,000 films.

photo by Victor Chapa

Previous Location, Photo: Victor Chapa

Black Lodge, which opened in its former location on Cooper St. in 2000 and closed in 2015 due to problems with the building, served not only as one of the only video rental stores in the city, but also as a unique getaway and private screening theater for people across the city.

Since closing the doors to the old location in Spring of 2015, Black Lodge’s more private events were put on hold as Martin and his collection have been looking for a new home. However, Black Lodge is no stranger to public screenings as they host Time Warp Drive-In at the Summer Drive-in and have also hosted several concerts and parties at their former location and across the city, including co hosting the Pandemonium Cinema Showcase with Craig Brewer and friends.

“Renting movies is just not enough, and will never be enough again. You see a lot of these places turning into micro-cinemas, cafes, and doing lots of screenings, like Time Warp. It’s the natural order of things in this line of business and it is the direction we are heading. When we decided to do these changes we wanted to upgrade and offer more, we wanted to sell beer and food,” says Martin. “We want to be able to evolve. The old lodge was so off the grid and underground, which was part of its charm, but over time as it grew and just got so large, now we just want to give everybody a better place to go do something different.”

According to Matthew, Black Lodge hopes to reopen very soon at a tentative new location on Young Ave in the Cooper Young neighborhood, next to Java Cabana. There are plans to have a two-tiered movie theater, cafe area, a $10 subscription service, a new website, and a new app, as well as beer and wine offerings and other events.

To hear more from Matthew go here for his podcast on Creative Memphis (and make sure to subscribe!)

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