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Biscuits at Bryant’s

This past Saturday I drove over to my school’s neighborhood to finally get a taste of a little place that I had always noticed but never stopped to check out.

Tucked among the various attractions of Summer Ave, Bryant’s Breakfast was such a treat and totally worth the anxiety of making the drive that is usually my commute to work (taking that route on the weekend definitely shook me up). Whenever Hassan visits from Jackson for the weekend, we usually go out for brunch. Bryant’s had been on our brunch radar but we hadn’t gotten to it until now.

I’m all about breakfast places that get quirky with breakfast staples and bottomless mimosas, but sometimes you just want a classic homey breakfast, the kind that gives you that warm and fuzzy “I don’t have to inhale this in 2 minutes because I’m running late for work” feeling. I got the chicken biscuit with an egg and cheese on top with a side of hash browns and it was everything I could want in a chicken biscuit. The biscuits were nice and fluffy as they cushioned my precious chicken toppings. Hassan got the Scrambler and he loved it so much he tried hard to try to finish his plate, he couldn’t do the injustice of leaving leftovers on his plate. He totally took breaks to try to pace himself through the yumminess.

Fun fact: before moving down here, I had no idea biscuits for breakfast was a thing. I always thought those were a lunch and dinner staple, like Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits (y’all know these are fire!). I also didn’t know biscuits could be eaten with sweet toppings like strawberry jam. But hey, this blog is a no judgement zone so please accept me and my ignorant-on-Southern-cuisine ways. These days though, catch me splitting my biscuits at breakfast between the ones I’m using for savory toppings and the ones for sweet toppings!

The food was so good, I told myself I would totally go again on Sunday. Turns out Hassan was on the same page (he’s a keeper) and yes…we ate breakfast there again on Sunday. They’re open Wednesday through Sunday from 5am until 2pm, I’m definitely going to try swinging by before work on Fridays to treat myself! Thanks Bryant’s Breakfast for treating our bellies right not once but twice this weekend!

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