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Birthday Bash at Loflin Yard

Hello! Memphis weather is beautiful! Fall was off to a slow start foliage-wise because it stays warm so late into the autumn but now it seems as if the foliage is in full swing. Luckily, the weather is still quite warm so it’s a treat to walk around and enjoy the sporadic glowing maple. This past weekend the weather was nice and toasty which was perfect to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday at Loflin Yard!


Before I get into what an awesome little man J-Money is, I want to admire for a second how great it is that Memphis has such a unique bar scene. While visiting last January, I made the decision to move here. One of the factors that helped me make this decision was the uniqueness of bars such as Loflin Yard and Railgarten. Memphis is fortunate to accommodate the open-air campus of activities and libations at Railgarten and Loflin Yard.

Both Loflin Yard, located Downtown, and Railgarten, in Midtown, have live bands and a variety of games to keep you occupied throughout the night. Although they are similar concepts, they each have a different atmosphere; Loflin Yard feels like you’re in a celebrity’s backyard while Railgarten offers a retro-feel outdoors along with a ping pong hall and indoor diner. The best feature at both bars is the shared fire pits. I’ve met several new people by keeping the fires going on these crisp Autumn nights.

Being able to celebrate such a special day with my brother, sister-in-law, and their little dude was really something else! Our parents were also there to celebrate as well as some close friends. I am quite grateful that both my brother and sister-in-law have such great friends who make for easy and worthwhile conversation.

So far my first Memphis autumn has been pretty great! Between the foliage and encouraging weather, I have very little to whine about. And if you’re in town and out and about, stop on by Loflin Yard or Railgarten, maybe I’ll see you there around the campfire!

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