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Bike & Brunch

I’ve already told you guys this a bunch, but I love living in Midtown. It’s honestly a great part of town to live in that has to much to do in it and so much just past the outskirts. The biggest thing on the outskirts is all of downtown Memphis!

The view from North Parkway

After this nonstop rain we’ve had this past week and some beautiful weather on the radar for Sunday, my friend Reed and I had to take advantage of it to get outside. He’s the one that got me into biking, so with the trails too muddy right now, we took to the concrete jungle instead. I biked from my apartment to his which is right next to Mud Island. It’s really only three to four miles away so fifteen minutes of biking down North Parkway and I was there! If you live in Midtown and want to go on a nice ride, take the bike lane down North Parkway and it’ll bring you all the way to Front Street! From there you can pick where you go whether you want to cruise Tom Lee Park or hit the riverfront on Mud Island depending on how far you want to go.

Our plan was to bike from his place to the Blue Plate Cafe to fill up and roll from there. Located right off of Main Street, Blue Plate is a vibrant old school diner that offers so much in terms of breakfast but also offers the classic meat and three expected at any good southern restaurant. It’s a good place for tourists to go because the menu, which is actually printed and folded to look like a newspaper, has a list and map of locations that tourists need to check out as they explore Memphis. I got a loaded omelette with grits and some biscuits and gravy on the side. The service was great and the food even better!

What better way to work your way out of a food coma than to ride a bike around. We continued to cruise the riverfront on Mud Island and did ourselves about ten miles. Needless to say I was toast. I couldn’t even bike my way back to my place so I had Reed give me a ride back instead. Sunday laziness at its finest. I’d say it was a great Sunday to relax and get outside and enjoy the early spring weather!

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