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Big River Crossing: A View Like No Other Coming 10/22

Photo: Big River Crossing

On October 22nd there will be a brand new way to experience the Mississippi River and Downtown Memphis.

Big River Crossing will offer people a new pipeline to fitness, exploration and photography, utilizing the bridge to celebrate the unique landscape that the Mississippi River provides Memphis.

Big River Crossing in Memphis TN

View from Big River Crossing; Photo: Noah Glenn

Memphis currently offers its residents the Shelby Farms Park Greenline, a route that travels through the city of Memphis, connecting those biking or walking to neighborhoods, restaurants and parks. Big River Crossing will complete that route through Arkansas. By connecting Main Streets in Memphis and West Memphis, the BRX ties together urban, rural, and natural areas and gives users recreation options unique to each setting.

Big River Crossing in Memphis TN

View from BRC; Photo: Noah Glenn

Proposed in 1975, the project began in 2014, and will be fully open and ready for use on October 22nd of this year. Delta Regional River Park and Big River Trail have come together to provide adventure seekers the longest bike and pedestrian crossing on the Mississippi River.

See their new 360 video here.

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