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Big Plans Revealed for Pinch District

Photo: Bailey Clark

St. Jude is planning a massive expansion and now we’re getting a look at what the finished development might look like to accompany the nonprofit’s growth in the Pinch District.

renderings by LRK

renderings by LRK

The Pinch district has a long history and for most of it, the area was characterized by unique building design and architecture. Now that history is going to meet the present. The biggest takeaway from the most recent public meeting showed concepts that much of the growth will be up instead of out. Looney Ricks Kiss, The Downtown Memphis Commission, and the City of Memphis are all working together to make this project happen. They even released some pictures of the type of development they would hope for the area.


from LRK presentation

from LRK presentation

Now the project is set to move from planning to development. One more public presentation is planned for August, then before the end of that month, a final plan. You can read more about what’s next from the Memphis Business Journal here.

This new development comes as St. Jude has announced a more than $1 billion expansion with the addition of new patients and employees. One of those employees told us part of why she loves her experience at ALSAC/St. Jude is because of how much she loves living and working in downtown Memphis.

Jasmine Website Photo
“It’s definitely a place where there are lot’s of fantastic things happening. You just have rub off a little bit of the grit and you see can all that’s there and ready to shine.” – Jasmine Boyd, ALSAC/St. Jude

You can hear more from Jasmine’s story here. You can find out how to become a part of the the team in Memphis at ALSAC/St. Jude here.

Why excites you most about the plans for the Pinch District? What’s not included that you would like to see?

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