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Belltower Artisans To Open At Highland Strip

Belltower Artisans has announced that their successful pop up shop is relocating and evolving into a permanent coffee shop and pottery studio. Two University of Memphis college students are set to open their shop near the University in early October at 549 Highland.

Photo: Belltower Artisans

Belltower Artisans originally opened just a few months ago inside Minglewood Hall as a three-month pop-up shop. After great success and exciting possibilities, Micah Dempsey and Christopher Galbreath decided to make Belltowers permanent.

Belltower is owned and operated by two college students, Micah Dempsey and Christopher Galbreath. After their summer success, the boys decided to transfer from Libscomb University in Nashville to the University of Memphis. This move back to their hometown allows them to keep Belltower open and run locally.

“We were always looking for reasons to stay, and eventually we decided we had enough momentum and success going for us that we could make it happen. Realizing we were doing well enough to keep our dreams real and not have to close up shop – that was the best feeling.” – Micah Dempsey

Dempsey and Galbreath decided that the Highland Strip would serve as the perfect location. With the proximity to the University of Memphis and the high traffic street seeing both growth and revitalization.

“This was always the dream, we just thought our dreams were at least three years away. So to say we’re excited to keep Belltower open is an understatement.” – Christopher Galbreath

The studio will offer a full range of pottery classes, from one-off ‘Date Night’ classes to multi week courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. The new location will serve as a wholesale production facility for several local businesses and shops, and will include a retail/gallery space. The integrated coffee house will host live events and gatherings, and will serve light snacks to accompany locally-sourced coffee, all served in Belltower handmade mugs.

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