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Now Open: Belltower Artisans Coffeeshop & Pottery Studio

Photo: Kaje Simpson

Grab a cup of coffee and learn some pottery skills at the newly open Belltower Artisans at 549 S Highland Street.

Belltower Artisans

Photo: Belltower Artisans

The Highland Strip is getting a new hangout spot this weekend. The Belltower is a pottery studio and coffee shop, owned and operated by two college students, Micah Dempsey and Christopher Galbreath, who are passionate about making things and investing in our city and culture. The shop creates a unique space to enjoy their core values: craft, caffeine, and community. The founders also take pride in the handmade aspect of their space and embrace the Memphis handmade movement by serving locally roasted JBrooks coffee in handmade mugs. Even some of the coffee tables and the coffee bar were uniquely handcrafted for this space.

The Belltower Artisans

Photo: Belltower Artisans

Photo: Belltower Artisans

Co-Founders Micah Dempsey and Christopher Galbreath developed a passion for making things by hand in high school. Now, at 19 and 20 years old, they are excited to open a pottery studio where they can perfect that passion. At Belltower, each mug and plate used for the shop is made by hand and in-house, every piece of furniture is handcrafted, and even the coffee and baked goods are locally sourced. There is a full retail gallery of ceramics representing local potters as well. In case that’s not cool enough, Belltower also offers pottery classes.

Our passion is creating, but our goal is to bring people together. Whether your passion is for craft, caffeine, or community, we want to be the place where you gather with other creatives!

Belltower’s Grand Opening event on Friday, November 17th will start with the doors opening at 10am, and a kickoff party from 5pm to 9pm. Starting Saturday, November 18th, regular hours of operation will be 8am to 9pm Moday through Saturday and 10am to 8pm on Sundays. 

If you’re interested in ceramics and ready to get your hands dirty, check out the full list of classes here.

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