Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.


I’m happy to inform you that Winter is almost over. Here in Memphis we’re hitting the mid-fifties nearly every day and the trees outside of my window have early buds on them. You can feel it in the air, the social frost melting accompanied by the urge to get outdoors on a regular basis. In light of these recent developments, I have decided that this would be a good time to write about my favorite place in the city.

Over the last seven months I have explored a lot of Memphis and have enjoyed much of it. Some places will stick out due to the unique experiences they offer, such as the subjects of previous write-ups, Crystal Shrine and Railgarten. But there is one location that, for me, is very special and that is Bar DKDC. Located in Cooper-Young, DKDC is easily the hippest bar I’ve ever been to. Using a form of “hip” makes me feel about fifteen years older than I actually am, but I digress. The reason DKDC is so great, and not just because it’s a stone’s throw away from my apartment, is that you could go at any time of day and they will have something there worth your time. I’ve nearly eaten through the entire menu and have yet to be unimpressed. Their Hubcap Burger could be listed as one of the best burgers in town and, when on the menu, their Brussels sprouts are…hold on…***goes to DKDC and eats own weight in Brussels sprouts*** OK I’m back!

With the food covered, their late-night attractions are always worth checking out. Going to DKDC for shows has also introduced me to some amazing bands. DKDC hosts local acts such as Devil Train (who play every Monday) and NOTS (who I am listening to as I write this article) as well as touring bands like Thelma & the Sleaze (about to play their tunes next). Seeing a show at DKDC is certainly an experience in and of itself because it offers the intimacy of a small house show while also being able to ONCE AGAIN eat your weight in Brussels sprouts.

This past weekend I was super psyched to see the band Louder Than Bombs, a local band which specializes in playing songs by The Smiths. You can check out a picture or two of that night throughout this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this week. Whether you live here, are new in town, or just passing through, I highly encourage you to check out DKDC and support our local businesses. Until next time, keep on grinding!

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