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Back to School Prep and Studio Night @ The Belltower Artisans

This weekend was one for the books…Though I don’t always love working on the weekends, it was necessary and a lot of fun.

With the new school year getting close, my husband and I, along with a few faithful friends decided to spend the weekend in his classroom preparing for the school year. He will be teaching 2nd-grade at Frayser Achievement Elementary School this year. We also learned this weekend that his MTR Give Project (which is a fundraiser that MTR coordinates to help teachers raise money for needs in their classroom) was FULLY FUNDED! That means that Joshua’s students will have everything that they need in the classroom next year like books, learning games, pencils, markers, crayons (and maybe even a few fidget spinners 😉 ). Since we knew these things would be arriving soon, we wanted to deep clean and make the classroom really feel “homey”. We spent several hours scrubbing walls, chairs and desks and organizing books and learning materials.

It was a lot of fun thinking about the students who will get to be in that classroom. It was also a fun experience for us as our friend group rallied around us in giving to Joshua’s classroom through MTR Give, but also showing up in the classroom to prepare and love on these kiddos. It was a huge blessing.

On Saturday night, Agape had an event called Studio Night at The Belltower Artisans in Minglewood Hall.

If you have not yet gotten a chance to check out this studio, you must do so ASAP! They offer a unique variety of pottery classes and also sell specialty coffee. They were kind enough to invite Agape to hold a fundraiser there while teaching us how to use the pottery wheel! We enjoyed yummy desserts and live music. We had a great turnout and hope to use the space again in the future. I was able to create 3 pieces of pottery for $30. I look forward to returning and learning more about how to create beautiful pottery!


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