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How The Artist Commons is Changing Memphis’ Artistic Community

Photo: Cory Elder and Madison Miller

Photo: Cory Elder and Madison Miller

The Artist Commons is revolutionizing the Memphis art scene by fostering a sense of community between local artists.

The Artist Commons

Photo: Cory Elder and Madison Miller

Co-founders and creatives Cory Elder, Madison Miller and Andrew Landers started TAC in March 2017 after noticing a need for grass roots advocacy in the Memphis art community. In other words, the trio believed that Memphis artists needed an organization that would bring the art community together. However, TAC has grown into a much larger initiative than the co-founders imagined.

Ultimately, TAC serves to provide its members with a platform to spark their creativity. The organization supplies access to tools, educational environments, professional opportunities, digital media promotion, and event accessibility. Altogether, these offerings provide Memphis artists with opportunities to thrive in their artistic endeavors.

Becoming a member at TAC sounds like a daunting process, but it is surprisingly easy – and free. To get involved, simply email the organization. Membership includes access to the aforementioned, as well as the ability to work and collaborate with other TAC members and co-founders.

Photo: Cory Elder and Madison Miller

We are very involved on an individual level. That said, we also believe community is key.  Success follows when you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. – Co-founder Madison Miller

On the individual level, the TAC team works with artists to discuss their practice and long-term goals. From there, the team works to with them individually on a consistent basis to ensure that they are meeting their personal goals – whether that be applying for grants, framing their work, marketing their talent or learning a new medium all together.

From a community standpoint, TAC hosts exhibitions, fosters group discussions, throws monthly artists dinners, and provides studio hours. They do all of this in an effort to support their artists, and encourage their overall growth and success.

Photo: Cory Elder and Madison Miller

We feel that some things can only be expressed by genuine connections through sincere intent. Knowing that we have worked with and assisted them as they reach their goals is incredibly rewarding. – Co-founder Madison Miller

Even though they are still a young organization, they already have big plans for 2018. In the next year, TAC plans to complete the filing of their 501c3 status and move into a larger space. Currently, their studio is located out of artist studio and foundry Scott Street Arts. Within the next year, however, TAC plans to relocate to a larger studio space that can satisfy their need for a gallery as well as a studio and teaching space.

Keep up with their upcoming events, lectures and workshops using their site’s event calendar, Facebook page and Instagram feed.

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