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Art with a Purpose: Kristina Tubinis and She is. Designs

In Memphis, Kristina Tubinis is making an impact with her business, She is. Designs. With over 16 years of experience in corporate and non-profit sectors, Kristina combines her skills in marketing, event planning, and design to inspire and uplift women in the community. Her journey showcases resilience, creativity, and a dedication to making a meaningful difference.

She is. Designs: A Mission of Empowerment

"Hi, I'm Kristina! I have over 16 years of combined experience in both the corporate & non-profit sectors," Kristina begins.

She is a woman in a blue tank top and jeans, sitting barefoot on a stool in front of a white backdrop, smiling at the camera.

Her professional journey has taken her from marketing architectural firms to planning global trips, bringing a wealth of diverse experiences. This background has honed her attention to detail, love for creation, and a drive to achieve.

She is. Designs evolved from Kristina Tubinis Designs, which started in the Memphis arts scene through craft fairs and farmers markets. “I wanted to do more and talk more about what it is that I believe I have been called to do,” Kristina explains. Rebranding to She is. Designs, she now uses the platform to uplift and encourage girls and women across Memphis and beyond.

Finding Inspiration and Purpose

Kristina’s journey into handcrafted products is deeply rooted in personal experiences. “It’s three-fold,” she explains. Navigating the workforce as a strong, outspoken woman, adopting teenagers from a different ethnicity, and raising a daughter with mosaic Down syndrome all influenced her path. 


An adult and a child smile for a photo. She is wearing a patterned top, while the child is in a blue dress featuring a cartoon character.

"I want to be a strong voice for her and help people see her for who God made her to be," she emphasizes.

Her creative spark began in middle school, selling homemade perfumes on the playground. “My love for creating and entrepreneurial spirit started in middle school,” she recalls. This early passion for crafting has grown into a lifelong pursuit.

Impact of Arrow Creative

Being part of Arrow Creative has profoundly influenced Kristina’s work. The collaborative environment at Arrow Creative offers constant learning and inspiration. 

"From day one, everyone welcomed me into the community," she shares. "Other artists come to my studio and buy my art! It validates all my hard work," she says with pride.

She is a woman with a backpack, smiling in front of a colorful wall with the word "arrow" painted on it. A watering can and potted plant are on the ground near her, enhancing the vibrant designs around her.

Crafting with Passion

Kristina’s process as a fiber artist is both meticulous and creative.

"Macramé is a series of knots strung together to create beautiful art," she explains.

A small boutique store featuring various handmade crafts, jewelry, and decor items. She designs the displays, arranging them neatly with a central table showcasing items and decorative pieces hanging on the walls.

Using only her hands, she crafts intricate designs that range from earrings to large wall hangings. Her commitment to quality and creativity shines through in each piece.

Memphis: A Source of Inspiration

Memphis plays a crucial role in Kristina’s creative process.  The city’s culture and community inspire her to innovate. 

"Memphis is such a creative place, and the heart behind it is art!" she exclaims.

A memorable project involved using wood, metal, and string to recreate the view of the Mississippi River and bridge, reflecting her love for the local landscape.

Engaging with the Community

Kristina is deeply committed to engaging with the Memphis community through her work. “I love highlighting women in my showcases, in my studio, and on my Instagram,” she says. By sharing their stories, she fosters a sense of connection and empowerment. 

"Just as all the women before me have pushed forward, I will continue the fight for justice, equality, respect, and love," she declares.

The image features the text "She is." in large pink letters next to a simple line drawing of a woman's face with long hair, embodying the essence of She is. Designs.

Looking Ahead

Looking to the future, Kristina hopes to see She is. Designs grow and become even more impactful. 

"I would love to see this business grow, be profitable so that I can do so much more for our community!" she says.

With the support and platform provided by Arrow Creative, Kristina is well on her way to achieving these goals.

Through She is. Designs, Kristina Tubinis is not just creating art; she’s creating a community of empowered and inspired women, leaving a lasting impact on Memphis and beyond.

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