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Art Village Gallery Kicks Off Series of Spring Events Catering to the “Art Curious”

This spring, Art Village Gallery is expanding its creative reach by hosting a variety of innovative events targeting “art curious” consumers.

Photo: Art Village Gallery

The Art Village Gallery is an art lovers dream. Full of a diverse mix of art that brings a piece of international flavor to Memphis, the gallery has become a creative staple in the South Main Arts District. Just in time for spring, the gallery will host a series of events, targeting the art curious consumer.

The events range from intimate conversations over cocktails to extravagant exhibition dinners. Although the events are open to everyone, including seasoned art collectors, the focus is to engage art lovers who want to learn more about collecting in a fun, non-intimidating setting.

“Now that it’s spring, we are focusing on new and emerging collectors. We feel that 90% of the community is still art curious, so we wanted to create a series of very deliberate, relatable, welcoming events to create awareness and offer education about art collecting.”- Sheila Urevbu, Gallery Director

Photo: Johnathan Martin

Art Village Gallery is known for its eclectic mix of events that seek to provide an immersive cultural experience to its guests; and although many of the events aren’t new to the gallery, there is now a targeted focus to bring in more art newbies by expanding the event itinerary.

In addition to the events, Art Village Gallery has partnered with Art Money to make art more affordable for guests. Through the partnership, consumers are able to acquire pieces through a payment plan. There is no interest or penalty, just 10% down in addition to monthly payments.

To find more detail about the events taking place at Art Village Gallery, visit their website or Facebook page.

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