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Guest Post: A Day at The Art Project in Overton Square

Photo: The Art Project


Imagine a place where creativity can run wild and free and completely messy. Where glitter flows freely, and there is a seemingly endless supply of paintbrushes and paper at the ready for whatever young minds can conceive.


That is exactly what my daughter and I found at The Art Project. It is a creative child’s heaven, and she could hardly wait to get started! My almost eight year old went from station to station in an artistic flurry. She began at the custom built circular easel type structure, which gradually goes from short to tall to accommodate all sizes of budding artists. The paint and paint brushes were readily available, and the inviting blank white paper was pre-hung, awaiting its artist. After several pieces were completed, including one I plan to frame that reminds me of a Jackson Pollack, she was ready to move on to the other areas.

Each week at the front of the space, the Vergos sisters have pre-selected art projects at several small tables that children are free to choose from. There is a list of supplies needed at each of them, and simple instructions, and of course, all of the supplies are set out and begging to be used. My girl wanted to do each and every project, but though there were almost an endless number of available activities, we only had a finite amount of time. She created a drip watercolor piece (I also plan to frame this one), some sand and glitter kitties that were in love, and a hand print crab with mis-matched googly eyes.

Part of the genius of this business is that messy is encouraged. Customers are not expected to wash out paintbrushes, or sweep up glitter. (Oh, glitter. What a love-hate relationship we have! You are the virus of art supplies, because you never go away.) The second part of the sister’s brilliance is the location. Want to have a family dinner in Overton Square and looking at an hour wait? Pop on over to The Art Project and let the kids create a masterpiece or two while you wait for your table.

Your first drop in visit to this magical place costs $10, and your child can create an unlimited amount of artwork, for a time spanning about an hour and half. They also offer yearly memberships that stay with the child, so that anyone – grandparent, nanny, friend, babysitter – can bring your kiddo to utilize their membership.

  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 9am — 7pm, Sunday: 1pm — 5pm
  • Location: 2092 Trimble Place, 38104 (Overton Square)
  • Phone: 901.425.3434

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