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The Art Project Coming to Overton Square

The Art Project
Rendering by architects Dominique Price & Colin Billings.

Rendering by architects Dominique Price & Colin Billings.

Get those creative juices flowing, kids,  because soon you will have a place dedicated to making art and making a mess!

Sisters Anna Vergos Blair and Katherine Vergos Riederer are taking a big step to bring young Memphians closer to their creative sides with the upcoming launch of The Art Project in Overton Square. This location will be a place where parents are able to drop off their kids for lessons in various mediums. Let your imagination run wild while working with paints, crayons, glitter, feathers and more.

“We are just trying to push to provide a creative outlet for kids,” said Anna, mother of two. “I want kids to walk in and be wowed by the space that they have been given and then wowed by what they can do.”

Parents are more than welcome to participate with the children, or they can sit back and enjoy free wifi, coffee, and possibly beer and wine. There will also be digitization services, so all of the work done by the mini Picasso’s can be scanned and saved to take home.

“I know what it means to my three-year-old to be creative and while growing up I saw how art shaped my younger siblings lives,” said Anna. “I thought I didn’t have the creative gene, but now doing it with my kids is fun. It’s just another opportunity to see them grow and shine.”

The sisters are aiming to open in June, and are now looking for part-time employees. You can apply here.

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