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Arepa901: Venezuelan Food Truck Coming Soon

Photos: Arepa901

Photos: Arepa901 

Memphis is about to get a taste of Venezuela via a new food truck.

Arepa901 owners Fernando Berendique and Andrea Barboza are a Venezuelan couple who have decided to choose901 for their new business. Approximately a year and a half ago, the couple lived here in Memphis and shortly afterward, they moved to Miami, Florida to start their first business called “Arepa Grill”. In the beginning, things were doing splendid, but after a while, they started disliking the city and noticed that they could not stop talking about how much they missed being in Memphis, and how great it is. The couple then decided to put their brother in law in charge of Arepa Grill in Miami, Florida, and moved back to open a second food truck in the beloved Bluff City!

Arepa is a traditional Venezuelan dish, like a cornflour patty cut lengthwise and stuffed with endless kinds of fillings.

  • Arepa901 gives you a choice of 8 different kinds of stuffing to fill your arepa. (Steak, chicken, cheese, beans, avocado, chicken salad, Pico de gallo, and more!)
  • Arepa901 will also be selling hamburgers, patacones (the plantain sandwich), tequenos (the Venezuelan cheese sticks), and hot dogs.
  • All food is cooked from scratch, with their particular Venezuelan flavor.
  • Arepa901 will also feature their famous “Patacones,” a ripe plantain sandwich, will also be available for purchase.
  • Venezuelan style hamburgers, hot dogs, and everybody’s favorites, the tequenos or “Venezuelan cheese sticks” will also be available by Arepa901.
  • Other surprises are said to be released every weekend by the staff at Arepa901.
  • Arepa901 caters for private events and parties alike.
  • Arepa901 recently catered Latino Memphis for their awesome Day of the Dead party.

Stay tuned for their official opening date (coming soon!).

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