Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Anchored by Harbor Town

Photo: Amanda Hill

Past the pyramid in downtown Memphis and over a little bridge lies the glittering haven known as Harbor Town.

Being a Memphis newcomer and always looking for someplace new to discover, I was intrigued when my friends insisted that I check out Harbor Town. “We’re definitely moving there one day,” they said, “it’s like a little utopia!”

My interest piqued, I decided to take a drive over to the area. As soon as I crossed the bridge and drove around the roundabout, I was instantly drawn in.

I was greeted with a beautiful, colorful line of houses and apartments that overlooked the river, which was dotted with families enjoying the day along the grass and sidewalk. By the time I parked my car, I was already impressed.

Street View of Harbor Town

I was blown away by the charm and coziness of the shops and residential areas. I passed Joy’s Pharmacy, Nail Bar, and a Café Eclectic, where I ran into a photographer named Leef Parks.


My motive was to ask residents of the area what they liked so much about Harbor Town, but to my surprise, Parks was from Jersey. “I’m here because I’m a photographer, and this is a beautiful place to have a photo shoot,” Parks said. “There are a lot of houses and colors and symmetry, so it’s very visually appealing. Memphis is one of my favorite places to come.”

After talking to Leef, I made my way to the most darling grocery store in the heart of the square, Cordelia’s Market. The store was definitely one of the best small businesses I’ve ever encountered. In addition to the grocery-shopping part, there was a café area, complete with baked goods and yummy looking pre-made meals. Here, I talked to the most pleasant employees that filled me in even more on Harbor Town.

One employee, Tess Wray, said, “The people here are super friendly. There’s a good community spirit. I feel like I know 80% of people who walk in the door on a very personal level.”

Cordelia’s in Harbor Town

Angelina Mazzanti, another employee, added, “[Harbor Town] has been updating. The dog park just opened, which has been really cool. Our store, in particular, has also been participating with the Montessori school here for the River Series. There’s a lot of opportunity here to just get out of your element.”

After passing a random lady in Cordelia’s who called out, “Well hi! You’re so pretty!” (seriously, everything under the sun in Harbor Town is so pleasant) I decided to drive by the school just to see what it was like. Of course, it didn’t disappoint: It was painted a cute, pale yellow and situated near a scenic part of the river.

Driving past the colorful awnings and Halloween decorations on the houses on the way out, I noted that this was probably one of the best places I’ve ever been, like, ever.

Reality kinda bites after leaving a place like that, but if you have a minute for a little getaway, I highly recommend spending some time there. Walk your dog, river-watch for a while, and pick up a snack from Cordelia’s. The little utopia won’t disappoint.

Check out the Harbor Town website to learn more about the area.

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