Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Alex da Ponte @ The Poplar Lounge

alex da ponte

When: Thursday, August 29th

Where: The Poplar Lounge

How Much: $5

The Poplar Lounge will be emblazoned with Memphis-made musician, Alex da Ponte. The inauguration of Alex’s music went down in 2006 when she starting composing songs and playing the guitar.

“Alex draw[s] on diverse influences… taking cues from history, literature, and culture, da Ponte’s lyrics are unafraid : of controversy, of change, of Webster’s Collegiate. In an era of lowest common denominators and unprecedented banality, da Ponte shatters preconceptions and replaces them with singularity.” —David Raileanu.

Garrett Marshall, Pete Matthews, and Robby Davis banded together with Alex to help her showcase her indie pop and alternative rock style. The band released its first full length album, Nightmares, in 2012, and has been vigorously pursuing the music scene since, leaving a trail of pandemonium in its wake.

You’ll want to be one of those fans boasting ” I saw Alex perform right here in Memphis, when she was still an extraordinary artist on an ordinary stage.” Now is the time and here is your chance!

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