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Africa In April 2018: Honoring the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Photo courtesy of Africa In April Cultural Awareness Festival Facebook page.

If you want to experience Africa without leaving the Bluff City, you’re in luck. Africa In April, one of the city’s longest-standing festivals is happening this weekend.

For more than 30 years, thousands of folks have attended the international-inspired events that showcase music, food, and fashion from different regions in the continent. Highlighted at this year’s festival is the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, known for its mix of traditional African and European customs.

For Africa In April newbies, the festival is broken up into three themed days, each catering to a different audience. Friday is Children and Senior’s Day, kicking off with an African-inspired parade. On Saturday, dozens of health exhibitions and seminars will be on site for Health, Wellness, and Community Day. Concluding the three-day festival is International Music Day, featuring a variety of blues, jazz, and r&b performances. Each day, an eclectic mix of vendors will be on hand, selling African-inspired food and garb.

If you’re not sure which day you’d like to experience the festival, check out the schedule below. All events take place at Robert R. Church Park, located at 4th and Beale Street.

Friday, April 20

Children and Senior’s Day

  • Festival/Marketplace: 8am-midnight
  • International Diversity Parade: 10am

Saturday, April 21

Health, Wellness, and Community Day

  • Festival/Marketplace: 8am-midnight
  • Health exhibitions: 9am-4:30pm
  • Fashion Showcase: 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Blues showcase: 7:30pm-9:30pm

Sunday, April 22

International Music Day

  • Festival/Marketplace: 8am-midnight
  • “Gospel in the Park” Concert: 10am-11:30am
  • “R&B, Jazz, Blues, and Reggae” Concert: 10am-8pm

For more info on the festival or to find out about pre-festival events, visit the festival’s Facebook page.

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