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17 Affordable Date Ideas In Memphis

Photo: Amanda Hill

February is here and love is in the air, but loads of cash may not be. To help you love big and spend small, we’ve compiled a list of options that are affordable and fun.

Memphis Love

Photo: Jonathan Hill

  1. Take a walk Downtown – Check out the sights along the South Main Mosaic Artwalk or find these murals then stop by Earnestine & Hazels, and enjoy a good ole fashioned Soul Burger.
  2. Enjoy a pint – Memphis has plenty of local beer on tap and local taprooms to enjoy. Take your date and enjoy a brew or two at one of Memphis’ finest beer establishments.
  3. Milkshakes at A Schwab – Pick up a Roxie Burger on your way downtown then stop by A. Schwab and snag two milkshakes (or 2 beers).
  4. Watch “Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me – This Memphis shot and centered movie can be streamed on Netflix. You won’t have to spend anything out of pocket for this date.
  5. Enjoy Gibson’s Donuts – Maybe your date is SUPER last minute, or you’re studying, or you want to want keep it low key. After 11 pm. slide down to Gibsons to get HALF PRICE donuts. This could be your most inexpensive and tastiest date yet!
  6. Watch a Grizzlies game – Okay so the Grizzlies Game isn’t on February 14th, but it’s close. Maybe, your special someone and you aren’t real close yet. You aren’t looking to splurge or get awkward on the day of “love”. Chillax and watch a Grizz game together, and celebrate Memphis’ favorite team.
  7. Volunteer together – Grow closer by giving back to the city you love. Memphis is full of great opportunities to invest your time together.
  8. Scavenge for Antiques  – Make it a race, game, or just a team activity. Set a budget of $20.17. Dig through all of Memphis’ best antique shops. See who has the best find.
  9. Summer Avenue Drive-In – With admission of $7.50 a couple, you’ll have enough cash left to even sneak in some snacks. Besides, who doesn’t love a drive in? Actually, your date probably hasn’t even experienced a real drive in! Go here for more suggestions on where to watch movies.
  10. Check out Overton Square – Sweet Noshings offers you pick and pack it popcorn, coffee, and candy that makes for a great chance to bond over sweet combinations. Park at the parking garage and take a walk around to enjoy all that the Square has to offer.
  11. Make it a coffee date – Choose one of Memphis’ coffee shops and enjoy a coffee date with your special someone.
  12. Enjoy paletas – Tucked away on Summer Avenue, you’ll find one of the greatest hidden treasures of Memphis: La Michoacana . This shop serves homemade mexican popsicles such as avocado paletas, sweet corn ice cream, aguas frescas, and other delicious treats made from the freshest ingredients.
  13. Create something at Five In One Social Club – Five in One is called “Kindergarten for Grown Folks” and they feature handmade goods from regional artists and craftspeople as well as hosting creative workshops twice weekly in their Clubhouse. Join them on Monday nights and Saturday afternoons to earn, share, and create.
  14. See Memphis for free – Check out Stax Museum, the Memphis Zoo, and more local spots on special free days during the week. Must have valid Shelby County ID.
  15. Visit Cooper Young – From Burke’s Bookstore to Goner Records, this quaint Midtown neighborhood is a great place to explore with your special someone.
  16. Take a bike ride together – Grab your bikes and take a ride down to the river at sunset, hop on the Greenline, or find a new path to your favorite date spot.
  17. Have a game night at the Rec Room – Memphis’ first and only “barcade” is a great place to enjoy a drink or two while playing free arcade games like Pacman and Street Fighter late into the night. Feel like splurging? You can rent a “living room” for just $10/hour during the week and battle it out over Mario Kart and any other console game available.

Got an idea you’d like to see on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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