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A Taste Of Memphis: Tiger Lane

"A Taste of Memphis" at Tiger Lane.

Show off your neighborhood at the 2nd Annual Neighborhood Redevelopment Conference during their booth competition: “A Taste of Memphis.”

This event will parade many of the great neighborhoods found in Memphis. Community organizations of all kinds are welcome to register and parade the achievements of their neighborhood. There will be no lack of diversity with all of the amazing communities found inside this city that help make Memphis greater.

To properly demonstrate the diversity, many different flavors of food and music will be provided by vendors. Memphis BBQ and fried catfish will be available, and vegetarians needn’t worry; because there will be accessible vegetarian options. Soothing jazz, R&B, and even gospel will fill your ears’ appetite.

The focus of the entire event is the neighborhoods. Each of the smaller communities that are a part of the city of Memphis will be praised for their work and dedication to the community as a whole.

The neighborhoods who participate will be able to show the attendees of the conference all the marvelous things your neighborhood has done, and why people should choose Memphis. Each will compete for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Judges will be from the Memphis Police Department Neighborhood Watch Coordinators.

  • When: Thursday, April 16th, 6-10pm
  • Where: Liberty Bowl Stadium, Tiger Lane

For all those who wish to take part in the booth competition, you will get to present all the awards, achievements, and projects that your organization is involved with. You can even tell the history behind your neighborhood. You can use practically anything to tell your story. However, you cannot provide food from your booth, nor can you add booth space, and also you cannot use tents. Neighborhood groups located in the same physical community will have to share the provided space.

You will be provided with an 8 foot table, 2 chairs, and a 110 volt electrical outlet at each slot. Set up will start at 3:00pm and go till 5:00pm on April 16th.

The fee to register is only $25 per booth. You can pay that fee online here.

Here is the registration form. It includes all the information you need to register.

You must register by February 6th.

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