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A Send-Off for Young Memphians: Choose901 Alumni Takeoff Dinner

The Choose901: Alumni program is a cohort of talented individuals currently enrolled or once enrolled in one of eleven Choose901 partner schools. 

The Choose901 Alumni program works to build the next generation of Memphians into their rightful positions as owners, visionaries, and leaders of Memphis’ present and future. 

The alumni team equips these young Memphians with the resources to cultivate their talent, support them throughout their careers, and connect them with businesses in Memphis. All while encouraging a love and passion for Memphis.

The alumni team hosts various events throughout the year in order to connect with alumni. They are there for every success, every misstep, and each step of the journey. 

However, there is one event that holds a very special place in everyone's heart–
Take Off Dinner.

A rooftop dinner party set up for Choose901 alumni.
Take Off Dinner Set-Up
Choose901 Alumni sitting at a long table.
Alumni enjoying dinner

The Take Off Dinner is an opportunity for alumni that have recently graduated high school to be celebrated before they enter college.

This time period is extremely exciting and inspiring, and the Alumni team wants to ensure they feel supported. 

Choose901 Alumni sitting at a table.

The Take Off is an essential event for the alumni in our program because it allows them access a community and network that’s right here in the city of Memphis. It encourages them that the skills and talents they seek to discover and obtain can be incredibly useful here in our city! We want to encourage our students to finish what they have started and always be reminded that Memphis is home before they takeoff.

Luckily, the Choose901 team captured the wonderful moments of Take Off Dinner to create a documentary.

 That way, everyone can experience the momentous occasion. 

The Take Off Documentary:

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