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A Midtown Gem: Coco and Lola’s

Nestled in a cozy location on South Cox Street in Midtown sits a darling lingerie boutique catering to all sizes called Coco and Lola’s.

When you pull into the parking lot of Coco and Lola’s, the striped window awnings and cherry-painted window shutters are only a peek of the shop’s charm that meets you when you step inside.

One of the owners, Coco (Glenna Rohrbacher) or Lola (Kayla Parker), greet customers as soon as they walk in. Coco, the customer-proclaimed “Mom” of the shop, can be identified by the cat ears that she always wears. Lola, the two say, is her younger and edgier counterpart.

Coco and Lola started their shop in 2015 after Coco was inspired by both the people in the neighborhood and a lingerie shop she visited in New Orleans. Coco said she asked several women in the neighborhood what they thought the area needed, and one woman said, “Well, I don’t know girl, but I know I had to drive fifteen miles to buy a pair of panties today!” Coco thought that was the universe’s way of telling her to open a lingerie store.

The store has been growing rapidly and successfully, as the shop won a Memphis Yelpie Award within the first eight months of being open, and recently the 2018 Memphis Flyer award for the Best Lingerie Boutique in Memphis.

Lola said, “[My favorite part about owning Coco and Lola’s] is that every person who comes in here is coming in for a specific, special reason.” Coco added, “It is always a happy time. It’s either an anniversary or a bridal shower. It’s a first time, or a next time, or a ‘hopeful’. We get a lot of excited people.”

Coco and Lola agree that they want to eventually grow the shop by opening a second location, and that they wish they would have gotten a bigger shop initially. The two pride themselves in making their customers’ experiences intimate and comfortable. One of the first things they ask their customers is, “Is this a special occasion?” They are always open to helping customers from the racks to the dressing room to tell them what looks the best. They like that they have two distinct personalities, because customers always feel like they can be open with either one of them or their new employee, Zoë Elliotte.

“Zoë has added a lot of youthfulness and color and styling ideas to the shop. Lola is a master fitter and stylist. And it’s my job to make people feel comfortable and fabulous around here.” Lola went on to say, “We are in the dressing room with 90% of our customers, making sure that they are strapped in and fitted the best.”

Zoë, Lola, and Coco outside of their store

When asked to describe themselves and the role they play in their boutique, Lola said, “I’m the one people think is fun, edgy, flirty, and seductive. Coco is more classic, every-day, boudoir, silks and satins, vintage, and pin-up.”Both pick the boutique’s products with playfulness in mind. They go to expo shows to maintain their shop’s merchandise, and they even hope to go to a show in Paris next year to keep the boutique fresh and fun.

When asked what their customers should know, Lola said, “We are always keeping Memphis updated for every season for every style, size, and age. It starts in October with everyone getting sexy for Halloween and it does not stop until way after Valentine’s Day. Memphis is way extra, and we are into it. We stay stocked and ready for ‘em with sizes from small to 4x. Bring in the girls!”

Coco proudly quoted their tagline as, “Curve appeal with class and sass,” and that is just the vibe you get from this cute Midtown boutique. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

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