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A Memphis Only Album Release from Don Lifted

Memphis based multi-disciplined artist, Lawrence Matthews, has been making music under the moniker Don Lifted for several years. On February 24, he plans to release his newest album, Alero, as a local-only CD available exclusively at Shangri-La Records and Goner Records. Alero finds Matthews looking back to explore a tumultuous time period in his life. Named for the car he drove at the time, he says both the car and the album represent a safe space to work through stressful and emotional moments. The album comes after Matthews already released two videos for the project, a music video for “Harbor Hall” and a short film called “It’s Your World.”

The Memphis-only release is his way of saying thanks to Memphis for the many people here who have supported him from the start. Goner and Shangri-La both have a long and essential history in Memphis’ music scene. Check out the videos below to get to know them both a little better.



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