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Bluff City Smugglers Delivers Alcohol in Downtown Memphis

What began as a grocery delivery service has branched out to bring alcohol delivery to Downtown Memphis.

With alcohol sales having increased over 300% since the spread of Covid-19, alcohol delivery is on the rise—and Bluff City Smugglers is in the game, offering a variety of choices that are locally, nationally, and internationally based. Though it may feel like parties are a thing of the past, the need for a beer run is still on table—and as the number of Covid cases rises, delivery services are even more essential as they encourage staying at home and social distancing.

As I was given the opportunity to sit down with Smugglers’ CEO, Nathan Musso, he explained that they are ready to take over the alcohol delivery game with vengeance. After much research in marketing and analytics, the company is prepared to give Memphis the alcohol that they want. Their staff is made of self-proclaimed analytic ‘nerds’ who enjoy a good drink! From seltzers, to wine, craft beers and local whiskey to everything in between—they will carry an extensive selection of beverages.

Musso was able to give me great insight into all of the work that has been done thus far to launch the delivery business.  He explained that they are ready to compete with larger delivery corporations to give Memphis the customer satisfaction and selection that is wanted and needed. They have worked incredibly hard in creating quick routes for faster delivery, creating a work environment that provides for employees and drivers alike and local options. After talking with Musso, it’s obvious the time and dedication that has gone into this company is personal. They have a gritty approach to taking over the Memphis scene, and the confidence needed to see it through and continue to expand throughout the 901.

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