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901 Fund: Bowl with Memphis Basketball

The 901 Fund is a charitable organization that was created to help pay student-athletes at the University of Memphis for the service work they do in the city of Memphis.

Through the 901 Fund, student athletes support various non-profits and charities by allowing these organizations to use their image and likeness.

901 fund tigers on a mission basketball logo.
The "901 Fund is led by Tigers on a Mission to drive awareness of local charities and establish a deeper connection between our city and the student-athletes who represent us by leveraging the new NCAA NIL rules"  - 901 Fund
901 fund tigers on a mission basketball logo.

#bowlwithbasketball at andy b's:

 The 901 Fund, along with the Memphis men and women’s basketball teams, are hosting a bowling fundraiser on Thursday, August 25th from 5-8PM at Andy B’s Bowling 

 The event will help raise money to continue supporting Memphis student-athletes in their efforts to promote 901-based charities in receiving exclusive content.


You have two options of tickets to purchase for this event: 

  •  At $25 a ticket, a Social Pass gets you access to the men’s and women’s basketball teams during the event through meet and greet opportunities. 
  • For $250, a group of four friends can get a Bowling Pass that gets you access to bowling at Andy B’s. Each team of four will also get one men’s and one women’s basketball player to bowl with them. Get an exclusive experience and spend the entire time with some of the players.
With either ticket you’ll have the opportunity to meet the players and get autographs.

Silent auction & Door Prizes:

There will be a silent auction during the 901 Fund’s bowling event were various items will be auctioned such as: 

In addition to the silent auction, there will be Door Prizes… make sure to snag your tickets for an evening of fun.

Other ways to support the 901 Fund:

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