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901 Day is Here!: Here’s Your Guide for Celebrating:

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Nine. Zero. One.

Nine. OH. One.

I’m sure we could go on forever, but what is so significant about these three numbers that September 1st (9/01) is dedicated to them? If you know, you know. If you’re new, you’re about to learn—because 901 means US.And by us, we mean the great city of Memphis and the Memphians that inhabit it.

What is 901 Day?

901 Day presents 24 hours for us to be as loud and proud as we want about the love we have for our city—and the best thing about it is that there’s hundreds of ways for you to show your city pride.

  • Want to spend it re-watching every Grizz game ever aired? That’s ambitious, but you could do it!
  • Want to volunteer your time or donate your dollars to your favorite local org or nonprofit? That’s incredible!
  • Want to make your rounds to all of the eateries we’ve been blessed with? You won’t be hangry, that’s for sure!

You could learn some history, support a local business, go on a photo walk, slice a pool, stream any of the great Memphis musicians, purchase that one-of-a-kind piece made by a local artist…I think you get the picture.

We’ve got so much to be proud of here, and this celebration only comes once a year. To make the most of 901 Day 2020, keep scrolling for lists, local discounts, and suggestions that’ll help you go about things your own way—because this is our city, this is our day, and as Blocboy JB would say “Look Alive!



You can turn your love for Memphis into action with this event: Exposure presented by New Memphis

This 901 Day virtual event from New Memphis will introduce you to all sorts of Memphis organizations.

Whether you’re a native Memphian or newbie around town, New Memphis wants to equip you with knowledge on how to get involved in our city. Memphis can only be as great as we, the people, want it to be, and Exposure is a great opportunity to get connected with the local organizations who are leading volunteer opportunities, social groups, sports teams, arts and culture programming, and more to help you take advantage of the endless possibilities that are available in the 901. While this event would normally be held in person, they’ve had to pivot in response to the pandemic—but they look forward to bringing the magic of Memphis to the comfort of your home! Did we mention that we’re one of the featured orgs? 🎉



Whether you’re looking to learn something new, see something pretty, or set out on an adventure, from our indoor establishments to our green spaces, we got plenty places to romp around.

Photo: Memphis River Parks

A Local Guide to the Great Outdoors

Where to Roller Skate Outside in Memphis

The Best Local Patios for Enjoying Food, Friends, & Fun

Support Your Local Art Institutions



Tell the world how much you love this city. And because we love you, we created some freebies you can use. Help us spread the word, and celebrate with us!!

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I feel like you could throw a rock and hit a Memphian who either leads or works at a local nonprofit, but please don’t do that. The point is there are people and organizations in this city who are committed to helping Memphis be better, and I can’t think of a better day to show them support than this.

Photo: @ppe4bipoc

Check out our list of Bluff City nonprofits to know about here.

See a handful of nonprofit campaigns you can donate to this fall.



We’ve got too many talented folks up in this city to not keep our dollars here. Like we know that sounds selfish, but it’s our day and we can be that way.

Photo: Space Age Sippin’ brewed by Beale St. Brewing Company


That local artist’s painting you’ve been eyeing, buy it! Those hand-crafted, self-curated selections of apparel, accessories, wellness products, etc…treat yourself. Locally made masks? Stock up! And we better not see y’all walking out of a chain restaurant. THERE’S TOO MUCH FYA FOOD IN THIS JUNT.

Need ideas? We got you:

Memphis: Home of the Brews (Local Beer Guide)

Local Bookstores and Libraries

Support Your Local Black Community (Guide for Black Businesses, Artists, Cultural Organizations, and more)




Remember when we said 901 Day is a good day to support local businesses? Well, a handful of them plan to reward you for doing so by offering 901 Day deals! From discounted pastas and sweet treats to fueling your need for caffeine, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these one-day-only offerings.

Is your biz offering a discounts? Click this link to let us know!


We’ll be adding to this guide as 901 Day draws near. If you think of something we should add, let us know in the comments!

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