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8 Things You Need to Know About the Creative Works Conference Market

Photos: Emma Meskovic

Guest post by Emma Meskovic.

The Creative Works Conference is sold out again this year! Its attendees will spend three days hearing amazing speakers, attending creative workshops, and connecting with other designers/artists/makers/movers/shakers from all over the U.S. I know you’re probably having some serious FOMO right now, but don’t fret. We’ve got something for you, too: The Creative Works Market.

Creative Works Market

1. It’s open to the public. That’s you! The market is open Friday, October 5th, and Saturday, October 6th, from 10am-6pm at the Halloran Centre in Downtown Memphis. Walk in and turn right.

Creative Works Market

2. There are 35+ vendors. We have local love for The Button Brigade, Pretty Useful Co., Casual Script, Don’t Blink, Latha, Rowdy Dept., Dr. Bean’s Emporium, and Unapologetic. The 30 other vendors come from all over the U.S, ranging from Oxford, MS to Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY. Check out the full list here.

3. It has ALL THE THINGS. No joke! You can find birthday gifts, holiday gifts, sorry-about-that-thing-I-did gifts, or just gifts for yourself. We’re talking prints, posters, apparel, accessories, pins, patches, and even goods like coffee and soaps.

4. It’s HUGE! If you haven’t already caught on, this is a massive gathering of designers, artists and makers from all over the U.S. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to by goods right from the creators themselves. On that note..

5. It’s ONE-ON-ONE. Our vendors show up and show out. They want to meet with you, talk to you, stop, collaborate, and listen to you. If they aren’t inside the theater checking out a speaker, they are right there for you to chat with. Protip: If you’re fan-girling on their work, just don’t make it weird.

6. Enjoy unique EXPERIENCES. This is more than a market — it’s an experience. A few things that will make this event stand out is the on-site live screen printing with Vahalla Studios and of course the tintype opportunity with Michael N. Foster. Haven’t you always wanted one of those?

7. FOOD! Everyone loves a good food truck. At the conference you’ll catch Gourmade, El Mero Taco, Quasi Halal Asian Street Food, Soi Number 9, or MemPops outside during lunch. Shopping definitely works up an appetite.

8. It’s a great excuse to GET DOWNTOWN. This market is located at the Halloran Centre in the middle of downtown, like ten feet off of Beale. After shopping, you can explore some of Memphis’ local gems like: Earnestine & Hazels, Gus’s Chicken, The Peabody Hotel, The National Civil Right’s Museum, Stock & Belle, Loflin Yard, Old Dominick Distillery, or just go hang out by the river in Tom Lee Park!

We can’t wait to see you there.

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