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During game day, a Memphis Grizzlies performs with flames in front of a crowd.
Photo: Memphis Grizzlies

7 Memphis Grizzlies Facts That’ll Get You Geared Up for Game Day

Dear Memphis, we are less than 24hours away from the Memphis Grizzlies 2021-2022 season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers—and while JJ Reddick may think there are similarities between these two cities, we all know what’s up.

You may already know that Ja Morant was the 2nd overall Draft pick, and that Jaren Jackson Jr. can shoop as good as he can shoot, but we’ve rounded up some interesting facts about these Grizzlies players that you may not already know.

1. Many may joke about the Memphis Grizzlies and the lack of actual grizzly bears in Memphis (these people OBVIOUSLY haven’t been to the zoo!).

However, the team did come to Memphis from Vancouver, Canada—and the mascot came with it. Don’t mess with a good thing right? Right. But, did you know the team was almost named the Vancouver Mountains?!?! Talk about the least intimidating mascot…


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2. Yves Pons. You Tennessee Basketball fans probably remember this 6’6 Frenchman for his shot-swatting and slam dunking abilities, but did you know there’s more to this man than just basketball?

He loves being behind the camera as much as Chandler Parsons loves being in front of it. Check out his work here. Pons is also an exceptional saxophone player and can tap dance too. Maybe he can get a role in the Nut Remix. Somebody let Lil Buck know about his fancy footwork.


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3. We should all give 100% to everything we do, but, most of the time, that’s exhausting. Plus, if we’re being honest, most of us run at about 75% on a good day.

But then there’s Temetrius Jamel “Ja” Morant who doesn’t know anything but 100%. His story goes something like this: an Assistant Coach from Murray State was in town to scout a different player, but got hungry and went to find a snack. When he passed by a different gym, he noticed Ja playing a 3-on-3 game and the rest is ROTY history. Thank you for keeping it 100 Ja—and thank you, Mr. Kane, for needing that snack.


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4. It’s not Andrew Wiggins and it’s not Tristan Thompson.

It’s actually Dillon Brooks who scored the most points by any Canadian-born player in their NBA debut with 19 points. Nail. Hammer. Coffin.


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5. Jaren Jackson Jr. Basketball fans know him as JJJ. Hot wing fans know him as Triple J, but no matter the nickname, we know Jaren as the man that brings as much passion to the things he believes in off the court as he does when getting all of those bogus fouls.

He may be one of the youngest players on the team, but Jaren has been one of the most vocal on voting rights and equality for women in sports. Speaking of women in sports, let’s talk about his MOM, Terri Jackson! Yeah, Jaren is cool and all, but did you know SHE is not only a former college and WNBA player, but she’s currently the Executive Director of the Women’s National Basketball Players Association. Talk about mom goals!


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6. If you’ve been asking yourself what you can get Kyle Anderson aka Slow Mo, for his birthday, the answer is B.A.N.A.N.A.S. (that better have been in your best Gwen Stefani voice).

Kyle apparently eats one before every game! No cramps for him.


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7. Steven Adams is the only current NBA player from New Zealand. He should definitely get a prize for that.

That and for being able to be Jason Moma’s stand in, it’s no easy feat, we’ve tried.


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Now that you know your players a little better, we’ll see you in the stands at 7PM tonight! Don’t forget to bring your vaccination card OR documentation of a negative COVID test result.

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